About Us

pa·per hang·o·ver
[pey-per] [hang-oh-ver]

a writerly emotion.
the feeling that comes after finishing a manuscript.

Oh no, I'm done. I'M DONE! I'm done? I'm done. I'm done. I...think...I'm done. I! AM! DONE!!!

1.  queasiness, joy, relief, suspicion, sickishness, qualm, fear, anticipation, nausea, beta readers, carpal tunnel syndrome.


Adrienne is a Toronto native, raised in London, England, and now residing back in Toronto (confusing I know). She is married with four children, six including her husband, and her crazy Labrador puppy Bodhan, who keep her hopping. Adrienne has always been a writer in the closet. A vividly wild imagination and a love of books from an early age led her to pursue her dream of writing. Her first novel is almost polished, but she has said that for a while, and hopes for it to see the light of day outside the closet very soon. Stay tuned.

When not in the closet weaving and writing her stories, she is a freelance writer focusing on Personal Finance, where her education and career in Accounting gave her some great insights.

Emy is Biochemistry and English student who spends more time watching Asian dramas and refreshing Twitter than memorizing protein structures. Born and raised in Vietnam, she first learned English through reading YA novels from her school library with a dictionary in hands. When she'd learned enough grammar to not completely butcher the English language, she began writing. And the rest, as they say, is history.

When not studying or procrastinating, Emy writes young adult science fiction with logistically questionable time-traveling.

Hannah is a Biology major who often scribbles plot points and dialogue on the sides of her notebook instead of listening. She doesn't know what the teacher is talking about, but she will never admit that. She wrote her first screenplay when she was twelve, and has more books than space in her apartment.

She spent most of her childhood years in sunny Australia, but now Hannah lives in Canada where the terms "sunny" and "freezing cold" go hand in hand. She writes young adult fantasy, and is represented by Sara Crowe of Harvey Klinger Literary.

Holly Dodson is Super Mom by day, and Villainous Writer by night. She lives in the fantasy worlds created in her wicked imagination, thriving on torturing her poor characters.  When she's not writing, she enjoys hitting refresh on her email, and consuming dangerous amounts of Sweet Tarts.
Lauren has written three fantasy novels, the latest of which is represented by William Reiss of John Hawkins and Associates. Although she is 25, she still pulls the crusts off her sandwiches and runs through sprinklers at every opportunity. She works at the University of Washington and lives in Seattle with her cat and longtime boyfriend.

Michael L. Martin Jr. is the author of BURN IN HADES. When it comes to fantasy novels, he believes magic should always be magical because it's, well, magic. His tales combine fantastic monsters, magic and mystery with a dash of whimsy; and consist of characters who embark on dark journeys and fun adventures through wondrous worlds.

Michelle was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, and now lives on Long Island with her husband (who was also her high school sweetheart) and their three young sons. Sitting down to write with so much commotion, in her house, proves to be a daily challenge, but somehow she manages to squeeze several productive minutes into each day, even if those minutes are at midnight and her eyelids are threatening a boycott.

When she’s not taking care of business at home she works part-time as a children’s librarian. Next to writing, getting paid to be surrounded by books is a dream come true. She hopes one day to see her name grace the YA stacks next to some of her favorites.

Pam Harris is a middle school counselor by day and a YA writer by night. When she's not wiping away tears or writing, you can find her at the movie theaters almost every weekend. She's a co-editor and co-founder of Black Fox Literary Magazine along with her cousin and MFA friend/classmate. She lives in Virginia and is very, very happy to be represented by Sarah LaPolla of Curtis Brown LTD.