Monday, September 19, 2011

Molly O'Claire from WITCHHUNTER gives us the low down on Witches....

Today we welcome young adult author Kathleen S.Allen and WITCH HUNTER character Molly O'Claire to Paper Hangover. Kathleen began writing at the age of eight when she self-published her first book of poems. She had her first poem published when she was 17. She writes poetry, lyric essays, short stories and novels. She writes in different genres including fantasy, science fiction, space opera, contemporary, horror and mystery.

Kathleen has shared with us a character Interview with Molly O’Claire from her Young Adult book: WITCH HUNTER

Welcome to the interview Molly. Please introduce yourself to the audience.

MOLLY: Hi, my name is Molly O’Claire, nice to meet you. *waves*
KATHLEEN: Tell us about your latest visit to your aunt in Salem, Massachusetts, I understand there was some strange happenings last summer.
MOLLY: There was! My mom got this great job interview in Boston so she left me at my Aunt Sarah’s Bed and Breakfast in Salem. It’s called WITCHES RETREAT, isn’t that fun?
KATHLEEN: Is your aunt a witch?
MOLLY: Yes, she has a coven and everything, she’s so cool.  She also reads Tarot cards.
KATHLEEN: Tell us about the deaths.
MOLLY: Yeah, that was bad. My aunt’s friend, Becca took me whale watching and I saw a guy go overboard. He was the first one.  [shudders]
KATHLEEN: You got involved with figuring out who killed him?
MOLLY: I did. I met this really nice girl, Chloe, well, she isn’t nice at first, she’s got this sarcastic sense of humor that puts people off. We’re BFF’s now. Anyway, Chloe and I started investigating once we found out he was the son of another witch in Aunt Sarah’s coven. More people started dying, all connected to Aunt Sarah’s coven.
KATHLEEN: But, you solved it.
MOLLY: I did, but it’s still being investigated and I promised I wouldn’t talk about it yet. [laughs] Well, not too much.
KATHLEEN: All right. Let’s change the subject. Tell us how you liked Salem.
MOLLY: I’m from Michigan, Ann Arbor to be exact so It was great to take a trip to Salem. You should’ve seen my mom’s eyes bug out of her head when she saw Aunt Sarah’s Bed and Breakfast! My mom---her name is Mary---and Aunt Sarah are identical twins but they are so different!
KATHLEEN: How do you mean?
MOLLY: My mom is conservative; she is a Professor of English Literature at the University of Michigan and wears tailored suits. Tailored, can you imagine? Aunt Sarah is more like a free spirit, she wears long skirts, goes barefoot a lot and always has a gazillion bracelets on each arm. Plus she wears her hair long and mom’s is short. Aunt Sarah carries around Tarot cards and whips one out any time she has to make a decision about anything!
KATHLEEN: Sounds like you admire your aunt.
MOLLY: I do, she’s not afraid to be herself, even if everyone around her is not like her. I admire that. Plus she’s a witch and that is way cool!
KATHLEEN: What is your favourite place to visit in Salem?
MOLLY: Aunt Sarah took me to this Witch festival on the beach, we ate junk food and I got my face painted and oh, we saw a woman take her top off, it was hilarious! Aunt Sarah called it “being skyclad.” No way am I ever going to do that!
KATHLEEN: What else do you like?
MOLLY: I love the Witches Brew café. They make the best Lattes. Aunt Sarah does Tarot card readings there.
KATHLEEN: Anything else?
MOLLY: Well, Aunt Sarah took me to the WITCHES BALL, at this creepy mansion. She read Tarot cards there so we got to get in for free. It was so much fun!
KATHLEEN: I see that we are almost out of time, Molly. Thank you for coming in to talk to us today.
MOLLY: Sure, thanks for having me.  You should come to Aunt Sarah’s B&B for a visit!
KATHLEEN: Maybe I will. Thanks, again.

Kathleen is giving away a copy of Witch Hunter today! Rules: Be a follower and leave an email address so we can give you the good news!

When 15 year old Molly visits her eccentric Tarot card reading aunt in Salem, MA who just happens to be a witch; her aunt takes her to Wiccan coven meetings, festivals and occult bookstores. Her aunt predicts fun. But, even her aunt doesn't predict murder. When Molly discovers a link to the Salem Witch Trials, her own ancestry and the murders, Molly is scared. Is she the next one to die?

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Thank you so much Kathleen for being with us today!


khashway said...

I love character interviews and this was a great one. Thanks!

Pam Harris said...

Such a cute interview...and the book sounds awesome! :)

Jessie Harrell said...

fun interview - I like Molly already. Looking forward to reading this one.

Mirna R. Smith said...

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