Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Teen Scene Tuesday: First Day of School!

Hello everyone! I know that school has already started for many students across America, but for me, the first day of school has always been today--the day after Labor Day. As a student, this day usually brought me a mixture of joy and terror: joy because I couldn't wait to reconnect with my friends and see what the year had to offer, and terror because...well, I didn't know what the year had to offer.

Now, as a middle school counselor, the first day is usually filled with students crowding my office because: A. they're afraid of attending a new school, B. they don't know where their class is located, or C. they absotively, posilutely hate their schedules--which brings me to today's post.

You see, I understand the importance of having the four core classes: math, English, science and social studies. But, as a student, there were a few classes I would've LOVED to see included in my curriculum:

Social Skills 101. Not that I was awkward. Okay, not that I was that awkward, but I really could've used a class that told me if a guy liked me just because he saved a seat for me. Or that sticking up for the "weird" kid in class wouldn't necessarily make me the next target. Or that it was okay to speak up. Period. If my peers didn't like me, oh well. I wouldn't see 98% of them after graduation anyway.

Intermediate Fashion Skills. No, running shoes does not look cute with everything. It just doesn't.

Honors Don't Worry, Be Happy. Okay, so I'm not prepared for one measly quiz. It's just that. One measly quiz. I don't have to cry and beg my mom to drive to the school after hours and see if a janitor will let her grab my textbook out of my locker (which she STILL won't let me live down).

Flirting For Dummies. Um, telling a guy that your friend thinks he's cute when it's you is a bad, I repeat, BAD idea. And will result with you watching 90210 at home while he and your friend do everything Brenda and Dylan did...and possibly more.

Advanced Placement Self-Esteem. Yeah, my head was big, and I had thunder thighs, and my lips were way too thin--but no one else looked like me. And they still don't. So there.

And there you have it--these are the elective courses I would've taken. What about you all? Any classes that you would've loved to see on your schedule?


Meredith said...

Oh yeah, I totally could have used ALL of those in middle school!

Jess said...

I completely agree! I think I could use a creative writing class too. I mean, English is one thing, but a creative writing course would be so awesome to have in school!

Holly Dodson said...

Um, I did the whole begging my mom to take me back to school for a book thing too. lol I definitely could have used these classes!

Marquita Hockaday said...

LOVE this post...I would've taken all of those classes. And then I would have liked one based on college readiness. Just the basics of choosing the right classes, not getting a lot of loans, missing a class only hurts you...those kinds of things.

And I agree with Jess! I wish my school had offered a creative writing course.

Alicia Gregoire said...

OMG, would so totally have taken every single one of these. Great post!

Emy Shin said...

YES! These would've been awesome (and entirely useful) courses to take.

Pam Harris said...

Thanks so much, ladies. And YES, a college readiness course would've been great. But I truly would've been complete if they offered creative writing at my school--good thinking, Jess. :)