Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Links Around the Web


  • Author Erin Bowman has a great post on the two different types of cliffhangers:

  • Agent Mary Kole advises writers to keep a balance of action and information: Imagine scales in your head. On one end is action: what keeps plot driving forward and teaches us about character as our fictional people advance through the present moments of the story. On the other end is information: what gives us context about the fictional world and also fleshes out the characters we’ve created with need-to-know tidbits that exist outside the present moment.

  • According to Marina, it can be very easy for authors to change too much of their manuscripts based on critiques, so it's important to maintain your voice and write something only you can write: It's such a fine line. Trusting yourself versus trusting what critique partners, or agents, or experts have to say.

  • Keeping the reader reading is perhaps the most important function of writing fiction. Author Lydia Sharp has some great tips on engaging the reader: What is it that keeps you reading? That is one of the toughest questions to answer because everything about storytelling is highly subjective.

  • To plot or not to plot is a great series of posts on plotting by Ingrid Sundberg.

  • Adventures in Children's Publishing has a wonderful post on seven character types that build your story: A Foil: A human or non-human mirror used to reflect and illuminate specific aspects of another character's traits.

  • Author Veronica Roth gives us a fascinating look into how she revised INSURGENT.


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