Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sometimes I Fail, so You get a Recommendation!

So, obviously I fail today.  Because it's 1pm and I'm just now realizing I was in charge of the Teen Scene post today.  Sorry, guys!  I'll blame it on the sick kid I'm home with.  ;)

In spite of my obvious lack of teen topic, I thought I'd share a book I read with you guys.  It's an ARC from Simon Pulse, the novel will be released January 3, 2012.

By Lucas Klauss

Everything You Need to Survive the Apocalypse
Phillip's sophomore year is off to a rough start. One of his best friends ditches him for a group of douchebags. His track coach singles him out for personalized, torturous training sessions. And his dad decides to clean out all of the emergency supplies from the basement, even though the world could end in disaster at any moment...and even though those supplies are all Phillip has left of his dead mom. Not that he wants to talk about that. 

But then Phillip meets Rebekah. Not only is she unconventionally hot and smart, but she has seriously great boobs. And she might like him back.

As Phillip gets closer to Rebekah, he tries harder and harder to turn himself into the kind of person he thinks she wants him to be. But the question is, can he become that person? And does he really want to?
Something I haven't seen a lot of (meaning not much at all) in YA books is religion being discussed.  Which, I understand why.  That's a really hot-button topic that not many people want to touch.  Which is why I'm doubly impressed by Mr. Klauss.

First of all, the writing in this book is awesome.  I laughed out loud, I cringed, I got teary-eyed  -- everything I expect when I'm in the hands of a good book. 

Now, this story has a lot of religious discussion in it.  A. Lot.  BUT here's catch, Klauss handles every aspect of Phillip's exploration into the realms of religion with the utmost respect.  He argues both sides of the coin and holds true to the principle that overall, people are just trying to do what's right no matter what path they choose.

I highly recommend you pick this book up once it hits shelves for a funny, deep story of a teenager's struggle with life, religion, friends, and finding his place in the world.


Janet Johnson said...

Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing.

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