Monday, November 14, 2011

DESTINED eBook giveaway still open...

Today on Paper Hangover we welcome debut author Jessie Harrell. Paper Hangover is stop number 5 on the DESTINED blog tour organized by the wonderful Damaris Cardinali of Good Choice Reading.

I had the pleasure of reading DESTINED a few weeks ago, and I can honestly say it took my breath away. I read the whole book in twenty four hours! It was something I couldn't put down, it was addicting.
Seemlessly blending a sassy, modern day voice with the setting of Ancient Greece. Jessie manages to make the prose bleed hotness, from both the male and female character perspectives, yet capturing the innocence of a teenage girl, caught in a world far from her own sheltered palace.

Here is a sneak peek in the first chapter, giving you a glimpse in to the strong, sassy female lead Jessie has created.

Destined, Chapter One...
My stomach churned as the smell of ground charcoal and nearly-rancid oil smeared across my eyelids. Whoever decided that greasy anything should be part of a daily beauty routine deserved permanent exile.
    The stink never seemed to bother Maia though. She hummed quietly while layering on the goop -- and it was driving me nuts. My teeth ground into my cheek until I managed to shred another piece of skin.
    “Will you stop fidgeting? I’m going to have eye paste all over your face if you don’t hold still.”   
    Servant or no, Maia was good at keeping me in my place. “Sorry.” I stopped chomping my cheek in favor of twitching my foot.
    Maia placed her weathered hand against my forehead; her eyes wrinkled around the edges with concern. “You don’t seem yourself today. Are you sure you’re well?”
    My eyes darted to the bird sitting on my bookshelf. Maia followed my gaze and gasped.
    “Good heavens, Psyche. How’d a pigeon get in here?”
    She dropped the makeup onto my vanity and made as if to shoo the bird away. Instinctively, I snatched her wrist.
    “No, don’t. I let her in.” I paused, debating whether it was worth correcting her that the bird was actually a dove, and not a pigeon. Or noting that the dove would turn into Aphrodite as soon as Maia left.
    Better just to let it go.    
    “I like having her here. I’m just worried Father will make me get rid of her.” I met Maia’s eyes and plastered on my best smile -- the one Aphrodite helped me master when she wasn’t a bird.
    Maia’s shoulders relaxed and she started in on phase II of my beautification regimen: crushed mulberry blush. But there was no relaxing for me.
    Something was up. This was the fifth day in a row Aphrodite had come to visit. Sure, she’d shown up a couple of months ago, just after I started getting daily admirers at my window. She’d said she liked watching beauty get the attention it deserved. It was part of her domain, after all. And then she’d dropped in randomly after that, but not daily.
    Even though I pretended like nothing was different, I knew she wanted something. Something more. Goddesses don’t just hang out with mortals for the fun of it. But what?

Jessie's path to publication has not been easy, yet she produced a fabulous novel and her team of designers, photographers and editors did her proud. The finished product is a glossy, eye catching dream, of any writer.

****Paper Hangover Giveaway!***

Jessie has given us an Ebook of DESTINED to giveaway, the giveaway will be open all the way until the formal release date of November 17th, 2011.
To be eligible you need to be a Paper Hangover follower and leave a comment for Jessie, include your email address and she will choose the winner on the 17th!

You can purchase an advanced copy of DESTINED here.

Twitter: @JessieHarrell

Become a friend on Facebook at the Jessie Harrell Fan Page.


cleemckenzie said...

Here's to release day! Pop the corks and celebrate!

khashway said...

So excited for Jessie! This book sounds and looks amazing!

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

Congratulations, Jessie. Your book sounds awesome and the cover is intriguing.

I'm a new follower.


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