Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Links Around the Web

  • The ever eloquent Sara Zarr has a wonderful post on how she is inspired by failure: In a way, “failure” is just another word for “the journey,” for not being there yet but on the way. It’s the road we walk on to get wherever it is we’re trying to go.

  • Author Veronica Roth talks about how she writes out of order: The most common objection to writing out of order is that it will get too confusing. Understandable-- but not necessarily true.

  • Agent Mary Kole answers the question many of us wonder, do fiction writers need platform? Fiction lives and dies by the manuscript itself, unless you’re famous.

  • Author Kat Zhang gives us insights on how she makes time for writing in college: I figure out when I write best and try to free up those times.

  • Does your story need a jump? Author Janice Hardy has an excellent post on the 4 ways to fix a stalled story: If you’re facing a stalled scene or story, ask yourself: 1. Are there plausible and strong motivations for your protag to be doing what the plot requires them to??

  • Janice Hardy also details on making betrayals in story unpredictable: [Betrayal is] a great and unexpected thing to do. But lately, I’ve been seeing the unexpected betrayal everywhere. It’s gotten so bad it’s verging on cliché. Instead if surprising me, I’m playing the “I wonder which one of these allies will turn on the hero in the third act?” game. I know it’s gonna happen. And more times than not, it does.

  • Slightly late (on my part), but if you're doing NaNo, it's worth it to check out this series of posts by author Alexandra Sokoloff.

I hope you find these links helpful. Happy Wednesday! Just two more days until Friday! :)


LM Preston said...

Love these inspirational snippets.

JEM said...

Great links! I'm heading over to Janice Hardy's blog right now, I'm curious about the unpredictable betrayal. I might have a few of those that need some tuning up...

Anonymous said...

Very useful! Thanks for sharing :-)

Anonymous said...

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