Friday, December 2, 2011

Friday Fives (33): Holidays Traditions

Welcome to our weekly Friday Fives!

What are your FIVE holidays traditions?

Post about it on your blog and then leave your link (and blog name) below so everyone can visit your blog today!

Next week: What are your FIVE favorite holidays/Christmas novels? :)


Bailey @OverYonderLit said...

Mine is not very serious. Or is it? :D Happy Holidays everyone!

Kimberly said...

My favourite tradition (which you may find weird and funny) is kissing the walls of the apartment I´m renting as soon as I come in. It is something I always do and then the trip goes well. If I don´t, ten something goes wrong so even if it is stupid and not real, I do it just in case. Last year I went to Argentina and stayed in 3 different apartments in Buenos Aires. I kissed the walls of all of them!

asim said...

I like to spend my holidays practicing of ninja PhD-level writers anyway we should try our best to have traditional knowledge to prove that we really love our country because it is really important.

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